June 17, 2010

Island In The Sun

1 more regents to go then I'm FREE!! summer summer summer summer summer summer summer. Most of awesome stuffs happen in the summer.
Beach is the best thing ever, I would go there when  I don't feel good or when I feel like I want to be alone. I really wish I live near the beach, it would be so awesome. Another thing, I like it that there will be a lot of street fairs or garage sales or flea markets going on.
and I've always wanted to go to a photography class ><

+ Dress - Forever21
+ Vest - TJ Max
+ Accessories 
+ Bag - My friend's
+ Shoes - VANS

oh bytheway, this is my school. I took this in the winter.

and Last one at least: ECLIPSE! comes out June 30, 2010.


cotton candy said...

nice outfit. such a fab bags too :D

visit mine,

cjau. said...

nice, nice great photos !