April 14, 2010

Teen Vogue's DIY: Vena Cava Dress

I was looking through Teen Vogue magazine website, and found this DIY tips on their website. I thought its pretty cool and useful, so I just decided to put it on my blog. I'm actually planning to make one too, but since I'm having this stressful Midterm-Quarterly Exam so I'll just do it later. so here's for you guys...

How To Make Vena Cava's Dress

1. You will need:

  • 3 yards of fabric
  • Scissors, Needle, and Thread
  • A plain white T-shirt
  • Stick-It letters
2. Cut the fabric to make the bottom or the skirt of the dress. Measure your waist and multiply that number by 3. Then, cut it.

3. Stitch across the top of the fabric using needle and thread, with each stitch about one-quarter inch in length. If you're done, pull the stitch to make the ruffle.

4. If the shirt is too big for you, trim it so that it fits your waist. Sew the skirt's waist to the shirt's bottom, right where your waist is. Stick the letters on the front shirt.

5. and..... TADA!!
*P.S. you can write whatever you want on the shirt

*** Enjoy ***


Tabitha said...

i'll try it too :D

LOVE, beauty splashes

Robyn said...

I love that magazines are featuring DIYs now. It's important for the general public to create and reuse. This one is pretty simple as well. I might try it myself.

Phuong said...

Thanks for sharing, its so cute

cjau. said...

great !

Viivii . Fee said...

wow :) so creative :D btw, please follow my blog and leave your comment there ya :D

Anonymous said...

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